About Us

Bidaya was established by a Marine Veteran and his wife in partnership with Jacob Atem, a refugee and "Lost Boy" of South Sudan, as seen on TedX. At Bidaya, we know that adventurers and road trippers like us need efficiency and versatility in our apparel when we travel in order to save space and weight in carry-ons and hiking packs. So, we provide comfortable and easily packed travel clothing suitable to the needs of any weekend warrior. More than quick "grab and go" necessities for any trip, a portion of all proceeds from our apparel goes directly to the Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization. This means that with every purchase, you are providing medical supplies and education to one of the most at-risk locations in the world. So, whether you're heading to the mountains, the Caribbean, or for a tour of Italy - throw your Bidaya shirt in the bag and look at your other clothes and ask yourself: what can those do that my Bidaya shirt can't? Traveling just got a whole lot easier.  Click here to receive exclusive deals and subscribe to our monthly newsletter with travel tips and updates from South Sudan.